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1. Prices and Forms of Payment

All prices listed in Luísa Rosas online store will be in (€) Euros, with taxes and duties included, except for the VAT at the time of the order. They are considered valid, save any computer insertion error or omission.

The prices presented during the ordering process are always up to date, but must only be considered valid in a refreshed page (unrefreshed pages may show incorrect pricing). The price read on the screen can only be guaranteed in such conditions and only after the order becomes duly registered.

Luísa Rosas reserves the right to change the price of a product or service offered through its website without prior notice.

If the pricing tables change, it will reflect on the prices listed in the website. If the ordered product suffers any kind of change in the pricing, particularly if the price is aggravated, the user will be informed immediately, and may choose to sustain the order by paying the remainder value or cancel it.

Luísa Rosas has the following forms of payment available to its customers:
1. Bank transfer
2. Paypal | VISA

When it is not possible to immediately verify a payment – such as bank transfers and ATM payments – there is a maximum 5-day period for payment receipt. Should that time limit be exceeded, Luísa Rosas reserves the right to cancel the order.

By finalizing the order and once it is accepted by internal services, it is understood that the user has unconditionally accepted the buying agreement that binds both parties.

Luísa Rosas will endeavour to guarantee maximum confidentiality and security of the data received through the Internet, as asserted under our Privacy Statement.