Follow the naturally shaped world of Luísa Rosas and let yourself be inspired.

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The partnership between the Serralves Foundation and the Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association (AORP) resulted in a collection of jewellery inspired by the space of the Museum and the House of Serralves. Six national brands Luísa Rosas, Monseo, Alcino, Bruno da Rocha, Eleuterio and Liliana Guerreiro were challenged to look at the Foundation’s architectural heritage and reinterpret it, creating an exclusive and limited edition collection.

Ever influenced by Nature’s master design, Luísa Rosas found her inspiration for this collection in the handles and framework of the glass doors in Casa de Serralves. Her very personal take on these elements has resulted in a set of pendent and earrings in yellow satin 18k gold and diamonds. These were built to facilitate the perception of natural movement, essential in high-jewelry pieces. Both pieces are then crowned with a cut ring in gold and diamonds, an echo to the door’s own framework. Limited edition of 31 pieces.

The collection presentation event took place at the Serralves Foundation on June 20th.