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The House of Filigree – Museum, Atelier and Boutique was born in Porto, in December 2019, with the mission of protecting the Portuguese filigree from manufacture, as opposed to reproductions made by industrial processes. Our creations give work to filigree goldsmiths, as well as small workshops that were already in deep recession and disappearance, in the pre-COVID period19.

In the face of this pandemic, which has shaken the world, a severe recession is expected and enormous uncertainty regarding the resumption of these activities in particular. It was in this context, to safeguard an invaluable cultural heritage, and a unique and irreplaceable production chain, that we launched the manifesto:


At the launch we had the incredible support of Catarina Furtado, Cláudia Vieira, Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Raquel Strada, who enthusiastically gave their faces and hearts for this cause. We now challenge the Portuguese to join it in force, defending an art that is so ours. Because we believe that even at a distance, there is a thread that unites us.

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