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Availability and Delivery

1. Product availability and dispatch

The order will be dispatched to the delivery address supplied by the user during the order. Products will be delivered by a transportation service, along with the document stating the name of the user, the order number, price and ordered products.

There is a time range from 3 to 5 days for the delivery of the product. The time range will be considered valid from the moment the payment is confirmed. Delivery date will vary according to the place/country to which the order has been shipped.

Luísa Rosas commitment to the sale and dispatch of the products will be subject to stock availability. In order to honour the company’s commitment to quality and service to the client, Luísa Rosas will endeavour to make every product displayed available as soon as possible. However, should extraordinary circumstances occur, such as out-of-stock situations or a large number of orders, or any other that may influence the availability of products, the order will be cancelled and the contract will cease for both parties, without prejudice, indemnification for contract breech or damage.

Every article available online is based in our computer stock, with a delay of approximately 15 minutes. This means Luísa Rosas will never list products which are not available for delivery, except if they are pinpointed as such. However, only after physical confirmation of the stock may Luísa Rosas assert if the order may or may not be fulfilled. Our offer is always limited to the existing stock. The user will be immediately informed of an out-of-stock situation.